Valentines Day Wish List

For all the besties, boyfriends, fiances, and husbands out there, this lovely Wish List sure is sweet for Valentine’s Day — hint, hint!!

Printed Heart Tiny Jewerly Case | Womens Valentine's Day Gifts

Tory Burch Printed Heart Jewelry Case

Tory’s Printed Heart Jewelry case is the most perfect way to gift your gal with some Reece & Blaire baubles.


Image of The Kerr - Blush

Reece & Blaire Kerr Necklace in Blush

This stunning Reece & Blaire original is the perfect accessory to jazz up your Valentines Day attire. After all, blush is the new black this season.

Lippy Lippy Gold Foil Print

We are loving thisย  Taryn St. Michele ย ‘Lippy Lippy’ Print. This little gem would be great over your bar cart with your bubbly, and will be perfect for sending some subliminal messages to that special someone.

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Domaine Carneros Brut Rose’

And for those who want to boycott Valentine’s Day altogether, at least indulge in some bubbly. Our favorite right now? Domaine Carneros Brut Rose‘.

Whoever’s hand your holding or whichever ice cream you’re eating on Valentine’s Day, remember to spread the love wherever you go.


Keep your baubles stacked,


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